If you're looking for a very exciting job, you have found the right place to apply! This is a fast pace business, so you won't get bored. I will guarantee that you will learn more here than any other place in the area, while getting great experience for any career path you choose for your future. There won't be any ugly uniforms, you can have off as many days as you'd like as long as I have 2 weeks notice, and you get to eat as much ice cream as your heart desires. Seriously, does it get any better than that!?! (I think not)

New Oxford

Open Interviews will be held August 16th from 6pm-7pm:

  • seeking individuals 16 years or older who do not play a fall sport

  • 8-25 hours based on employees preference


Open Interviews will be held August 15th from 9am - 10am

  • seeking someone to work during the day - approximately 9/10/11am - 3/4/5pm one to five days a week

  • very competitive pay

  • We are very flexible - hence the wide range of hours listed - and are willing to work around practically any schedule!

  • This position is an amazing opportunity for anyone, especially a stay at home parent, retiree, high school student who gets out of school early, college student, or home schooled/cyber schooled students

    **no holidays, weekends, evenings, or summertime (mid may - mid august) required!!!