About Us

How It All Got Started

Ice cream makes people happy. It’s the simple truth that led Trish Motter to open up her first scoop shop in 2014 at the age of 23. Once a feisty kid with a big sweet tooth and even bigger plans to change the world, she decided to take the leap of faith.  Half Pint Creamery is the product of Trish’s desire to create a vibrant, welcoming community gathering place.

Trish’s philosophy is that the shared love of ice cream brings people together for the common goal of pure happiness – and that’s a pretty big deal. In fact, that is how she met her husband, Travis, very shortly after she opened the first shop. In April of 2015, the two collaborated and opened a second location in Gettysburg, PA and a third location in New Oxford in 2016.

Now a mom herself, Trish believes the childhood joy of ice cream has no age limit, and aims to spread happiness by serving flavors with locally-sourced ingredients and building a locally-fueled community.

The day Trish signed the lease for her first location! She frolicked around the parking lot right before this photo was taken. It was a good day 🙂
The Sentz' family
The Sentz' family: Wesley (age 2) Travis, Trish, Grayson (2 months)