Join Our Team

We are hiring scoopers:   ages 16+ for all locations! 

 We are looking for applicants who are involved in NO fall sport/activity who are looking to work between 10 and 20 hours per week!   You must be highly motivated, enjoy being around people, and have the ability to quickly & efficiently count money! 

Please fill out an application and drop it off at your favorite Half Pint Creamery location!
Parents:  A first job is a pretty big deal and we take it very seriously.  It’s the first glimpse at “real life” responsibility and we are devoted to make a wonderful first impression of the working world.  With that being said, please let your son/daughter take the initiative – you should not be filling out an application or inquiring about any details for them.  We want to hear their thoughts, opinions, and see their personality.   If you want your child to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibilities on their shoulders and you will see them flourish.